We think it’s time to do things differently

Agent X isn’t a franchise. In fact, we exist to liberate you from the restrictions of what traditional real estate master franchise models have to offer. Our structure instead empowers high-performing real estate salespeople to earn what they deserve, and to take control of their professional future by building their own independent brand.


We hold the agent’s licence and take care of regulatory compliance and administration on your behalf, while you work and sell independently, leveraging the structure of a complete business support platform to manage your business.


This gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best – creating client connections and selling houses.

Agent Licence

Traditionally, you can’t have an independent brand without your own agent licence. Now you can! That’s because we hold the licence and take care of compliance and supervision for REA along with AML and Trust Account compliance.


You have complete autonomy over your brand. Work with our trusted marketing team, or choose your own ; either way, you have the freedom to create a strong, unique identity.


Don’t be put off by the idea of paperwork. We do the heavy lifting when it comes to compliance, AML checks, contracts, title and agreement checks as well as compliance and supervision requirements of the REA.

Set up assistance

We’ve packaged up all the documents, systems, service providers and training material you need to step out on your own and hit the ground running.

Administration Support

The details that matter? We take care of them too, with processing of contracts, confirmation day processing and settlement day processing handled by the Agent X team.

Expert Supervision

You won’t be going it alone. We’re an agent-led organisation, offering hands-on advice via regular check-ins, meetings and phone support.

Here's how AgentX works.

1. Licence

We hold the licence to operate

Take a different path to progress within the industry. While you still work independently, we hold the agent’s licence, making it easier for you to make career moves on your terms.

2. Support

Everything you need to get started

From brand and marketing design to sales systems, we provide the support and platform you need to go out on your own with confidence.

3. Earnings

Maximise your own earnings

Agent X fee structure allows you to retain up to 90% of the commission. You keep more of what you earn, while creating a business and  lifestyle that works for you.

Get started today.

We are experienced salespeople who are proof you can build your own brand to create success on your terms. You won’t be doing this alone – we’re here to support you with a behind-the-scenes team.

Contact us for a 100% confidential chat about joining AgentX.

Contact us for a 100% confidential chat about joining AgentX.